ABOUT Marcel


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Education is not the preparation for life, education is life itself. – John Dewey

Welcome to my site! I am a fitness coach, or if you like a personal trainer, based in North West London and working most of the time in the city (Old Street, Cannon Street). I come from a background of football/tennis and in recent seven years I’ve spent studying a path in strength & conditioning.

I believe that strength training can improve not only a general strength but your posture, correct your bad movement patterns.. For example, when bending over to pick up your child, you often risk an acute lower back pain by rounding your back. This can be changed by addressing the problem with deadlifts, good mornings, squats and more.

I mainly focus on helping people with tightness, weakness, sluggishness, wrong movement patterns, lower back pain and a problem of being puffed out when walking up the stairs.13765862_308184349570979_9066521754546178358_o

Following a degree in Sports & Exercise science, I received a postgraduate certificate in Strength & Conditioning at Middlesex University in London. I’m currently doing another Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning which compliments my work with my clients perfectly.

Having started my career as a football player I became an Olympic weightlifter coach after an injury which started my interest for the art of human body and Olympic sports, where perfection of the human anatomy and the movement are the essential focus. At the age of 22 I suffered from lower back pain due to tightness and a mildly bulging disc (L5-S1) but thanks to my training and a will to learn, I have managed to solve this problem and I’ve been able to address this issue and recognise when to apply different strategies to release the pain if it comes around again. I still deal with these problems as the only way of fixing the problem is to get rid of the bad habits completely which isn’t always possible.

My philosophy is that I want to pass my knowledge and skills onto every client so they are eventually self-reliable. Of course it’s not always the case as we all appreciate someone pushing us and motivating us but when my clients inform me few years later they train without injury, I’m really thrilled.

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Recently I have been concentrating on body transformations instead of athletic development which has opened my eyes in many ways. I believe that a good coach/trainer should invest time and money, stay up to date with science/knowledge and study constantly. Therefore I don’t consider this a derail in my education but rather widening of my knowledge. In this period I have learnt a lot about endocrinology (hormones) affecting weight loss and performance, nutritional effect on the mentioned (carbohydrates affecting muscle gain/weight loss etc.) or facts on resistance training.

Looking forward to starting a new journey of fitness and strength you never thought possible with you!