Veronika (2021)

Miška (2021)

Hugo (2020)

I have been training with Marcel virtually since the lockdown. He has provided fun and challenging workouts which have been tailored to our needs and produced the results for my partner and I.
Marcel is knowledgeable across a variety of workouts and stretches, it has been great working with him during the quarantine! Johnny (2020).

Anais (2019)

Anais after only two months of training. 7kg down, energy improved, results!

Marcel is a great coach who uses a mix of exercises to get great and lasting results. He gets the balance right between motivating me and supporting me to achieve my full potential. Before I’ve always struggled to stick to any exercise, but since I’ve started training with Marcel – I’ve never felt better about my fitness journey. 4 months on I feel stronger, my energy level is high and I’m excited about the positive and also long term body and life style changes he’s helping me achieve. Monika (2019).

Vicky (2019)


Adrian (2019)


Adrian (2019) lost 16kg in 6 months while he gained a significant amount of muscle mass. He also reported that his energy has improved and that he felt no need to smoke and drink alcohol more than he used to.

Serena (2018)

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Barbora (2018)

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Another successful scoliosis client – Barbora. The picture shows the path of the spine. On the first one, the line of the spine is getting very close to right shoulder while on the second picture it got substantially further from it. Apart from that, the posture improved and shoulders are not as elevated after 3 months.

Sessions with Marcel were always very helpful and I always received the best possible quidance. I appreciate all the corrections and tips. I was never a sporty person or into exercising but this completely changed my view! I could see my back improving after first 2 months of intensive home and PT training. I’ll having the sessions until the spine is straight. Barbora (2018)


Veronika’s back with scoliosis in June 2015 (left) and her back in January 2016 (right)

I LOVE training with Marcel. I can see my results and it is the most important thing for me. Veronika (2015)

MARCEL IS A brilliant personal trainer. He is super friendly but will make you work hard and push you to achieve more than you thought possible. I decided to work with Marcel to strengthen my back and wanted to work with a knowledgeable PT. I have seen immense progress over the last couple of months working with Marcel and I always look forward to our sessions. He is meticulous, very attentive to form, genuinely passionate about his work, extremely knowledgable and friendly. If you’re looking for a personal trainer to improve your fitness or manage an injury or condition, I’d highly recommend working with Marcel. Roopal (2017)

I’VE BEEN training with Marcel for 5 months now and I can honestly say that it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Ive seen some amazing results since I’ve been training with him, ones I never thought I would be able to accomplish in such a short time. I’ve never been big into fitness but Marcel has truly changed the way I think and feel about training and I look forward to my sessions with him each week. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life. I would recommend him to absolutely everyone, from people who are clueless about training, to people who are already fitness savvy. He’s an experienced trainer and can adapt to anyone’s needs. Aysha (2017)

MARCEL is an excellent trainer. Incredibly knowledgable and has the skills to apply the theory. Spots issues a mile off and knows how to fix them. Gets you results – both through the right training and motivation. Have made excellent progress with him, working on sports’ injuries and strength. Highly recommended! Phillipp (2017)

Phillip (2017)

20170516_Phillipp Hass Back.png

INITIALLY I was very apprehensive when starting out on my training course, but on meeting Marcel my worries were laid to rest.

It was the approach by Marcel with his enthusiasm, knowledge and guidance to the sessions that immediately put me at ease. It was the motivation and encouragement shown by Marcel at every session that made me want to push myself that extra mile. It is with the time spent training with Marcel that I can honestly say that I’ve felt in better shape than I do now.

Therefore, without hesitation, I would highly recommend Marcel as a Personal Trainer for anyone wanting to achieve their goal. Bob (2017)

Bob (2017)

Bob Ellise Front.JPG

I HAVE been training with Marcel for the past 6 months, he is one of the most experienced and committed trainers. Along with his experience, he really keeps you motivated when it gets difficult.

Marcel is focused on helping me to achieve my goals. Most important he makes sure that my technique is correct and avoid any chance of injuries. Training with Marcel has improved my fitness levels.

I would not hesitate to recommend Marcel to get you towards your health and fitness goals. I really enjoyed training with you, Thanks for all your help Marcel. Nitin (2017)


I’VE BEEN training with Marcel for the last six months and can highly recommend him to anyone who is keen to get fit and stay fit. He approaches training in an intelligent and informed way, so that each individual session, and each series of sessions, has a purpose. Marcel has the right balance of patience and drive, with the ability to push you further than you ever thought possible. I trust him to make the right choices for me, in terms of exercises and weights and, as a result, I have seen my body shape change dramatically. At 48, I am now fitter and stronger than I have ever been, so I have a lot to thank Marcel for!  Caroline (2017)

TRAINING with Marcel is so much fun. He really knows his stuff and always gets the best out of me. His scientific approach and on going support make it a truly enjoyable experience. Training with Marcel has been life changing and I would recommend training with Marcel to anyone!!  Robert (2017)

Robert (2017)


BEST fitness coach ever! It’s always fun and exciting experience to train with Marcel. Stefan (2016)

I’VE BEEN training with Marcel for about 14 months. In that time my fitness and muscle tone have improved in a way that would not have been possible working out alone. His sessions are not only challenging, but also have aided recovery from a skiing injury. I would recommend him as a trainer Josephine (2016)

MARCEL is unlike other trainers, in that he will be honest with you throughout, whilst getting out of you more than you knew you had.  He uncovered the muscle beneath my fat, and I am not only slimmer and more toned, but also eat much better and walk up right.  Result!  Mandeep (2015)

MARCEL is an amazing trainer. He identified my strengths and weaknesses and used them to help me reach towards my goal. No matter how much Marcel gave me guidance I needed to ensure that I made the life style changes to reflect the improvements in my fitness levels and body shape. For a woman in my late 20s I’m not at the fitness of level I should be at but I was getting there, others around me noticed too. Marcel was a good positive trainer and gave me the kick up the back side that I needed. Marcel is a personal trainer who adapts to your needs and sets goals that are suitable for you to achieve. I made a friend in Marcel and I thank him for showing me that I am able to change my life style in a healthy manner. Jessa (2015)

TWO years ago as I was nearing my 60th year I decided to try a new fitness programme so joined my local gym. Although having instructions on how to use the many machines, I did find a lack of empathy & energy to create a regular routine and generate a better well-being in health & mind without regular guidance of a professional gym trainer. I also suffered for many years from lower back problems and was nervous about what will and won’t help me in that area. That is when I decided I needed a professional trainer to help support & encourage my training routine and to ensure that I did not exacerbate my back issues. Marcel has worked with me twice a week on all kinds of machines and other manual exercise programmes and over time we have decided what would really benefit me was having better flexibility. His stretching exercise routine, together with the cardio and weights programme, have transformed my overall well- being. Today I can honestly say my general fitness levels have significantly improved, including the strength in my back, legs and arms. My lower back problems are 90% better & am significantly more flexible. It is only after reflection after two years that I realise how unfit I was and having Marcel manage my programme very professionally that has made me personally feel much better so the cost in both time and money has been a great investment in my renewed health. I do realise that I have more to do but the routine works. I’m grateful for Marcel’s continued support. Martin (2014)

MARCEL is amazing, incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. I came to him few months ago and I have to admit shortly after I have got addicted to his classes and gym in general. He is a perfect combination of tough and encouraging, keeps you motivated all the time and definitely pushes you beyond your mental and physical limits. How many times I have said no way too much too heavy but thanks to his gentle way to kick your ass I have managed all!!!
He pays a big attention to your past injuries and sensitivities so a program he prepares suits you perfectly. Not to mention many tips and advice regarding a healthy and nutritious diet and workouts on your off days. In a few words, he knows what he’s doing and he does it well. And overall, what makes one workout a great experience is his wonderful personality. He is so much fun. smile emoticon
I have to say the only reason I have started exercising is to clear my mind and mentally feel well and what I have got back is priceless. I feel more fit, stronger and so happy! Thank you for everything!! 
Michaela (2016)